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BOAR -1923-1935-1947-1959-1971-1983-1995-2007-
You are a model of sincerity, purity, tolerance and honor. You want to do everything right. You've got a fine feeling for aesthetics and a flair for authenticity. We seek your common sense advice and enjoy your convivial company. You delight in country living. Rustic sensuality and off color jokes tickle you silly. Gourmet foods is no stranger to your lips either. However, you are far too accommodating. People take advantage of your yielding nature. Then, when you've exhausted yourself by giving too much, you fly into fits, tantrums and blind rages. We all run for cover when you're angry, reappearing only when you are re-ensconced in your favorite arm chair, your attention riveted on an expensive art book, smacking your lips characteristically while downing a stunning box of imported chocolates. Phew! Pigs often become rich, they can't help it. You're mad about opulence. Silks, hand-crafted silvers and 18 carat gold candelabra befit your sumptuous tastes. In romantic matters you get along very well with Dragons, Goats and Cats/ Watch out for Snakes and Roosters. Peace of mind sets in once you have learned to say no loud and clear. By middle age, your surges of rage will abate and life will become a real wallow. Try, in the interest of healthy self defense, to exercise your right to refuse to serve others. Just say NO, and remember practice makes perfect.
  • Positive : The Boar can be sensible, sensual and sensitive, sweetly naive, caring, self-sacrificing, erudite, talented, open-handed, candid, outgoing, amusing, charitable, obliging, graciously hospitable and virtuous.
  • Negative : The Boar can also be hot-tempered, pessimistic, outrageously epicurean, earthy to a fault, sardonic, snobbish, snide, authoritarian, competitive, know-it-all, stingy, victimized and sometimes downright criminally mad at the world.

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