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DRAGON -1916-1928-1940-1952-1964-1976-1988-2000-
Sure of yourself, dynamic and noisy, you are a born master of ceremonies. Fireworks, parties, festivals, holidays, rallies, you get things started and keep them moving. You're feisty and gifted with power and luck. People look up to you. You can be a braggart and you don't trust easily. When you know you are right you are inflexible. In business you appear tough, but even you, dauntless dragon, are not invincible. All those flames are mere camouflage. Underneath, you are a soft touch. A pushover. You faint at the sight of a weeping willow. Sentimentality stalks your every move, you cannot resist it's maudlin tug. Faithful to friends and family, you are less so in matters of the heart. You are devastatingly attractive. And romantic too. You long to crawl into cave after cave with a series of passionate lovers who tickle and hurt and thrill all at once. You dream of a lifelong moment of ecstasy. Hook up with Rats, Monkeys, Roosters or Tigers. Avoid Ox's or Dogs. A regulated, disciplined family and school life in childhood may frustrate your need for applause and undeserved attention but it may also set you on a more realistic path than one you may have chosen yourself. Your mid-life crisis will be a humdinger! But if your still alive at fifty, your real work will begin to pay off. You know how to learn from mistakes. Advice? Don't let your ego get the jump on your brain. Practise laughing at yourself in the mirror and lower your profile.
  • Positive : The Dragon can be vibrant, magnanimous, charismatic, principled, self-sufficient, discriminating, compelling, sentimental, accomplished, noble-hearted, healthy and prodigiously shrewd.
  • Negative : The Dragon can also be bombastic, dissatisfied, ruthless, demanding, opinionated, mawkish, egocentric, defensive, power-mad, foolhardy, wilful and pompous.

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