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RAT -1912-1924-1936-1948-1960-1972-1984-1996-
In China, Rats are very highly prized. You are power hungry and know instinctively how to reach the top. Once you get those Rat claws firmly around an honored position, you hold on for dear life. Leadership becomes you. People respect you. You seem so cool, you are fun loving and sociable. But your private self is often fidgety and nervous. You need to talk problems through. Getting anxiety off your chest is as good as putting it out of your mind. Some accuse you of talking too much, let's just say that you talk a lot. You are not a willing idler. You're quick-witted, you speed through work to have plenty of time left to meddle in what others are up to. When dealing in delicate matters, you instinctively know how to keep your whiskers clean. Yet, you aren't a straight arrow. You would always rather zigzag your way to fame and fortune than trot the straight and narrow. You tend to be picky. You are paradoxical. An odd mix of profligate and thrifty, saving everything from worn-out rubber bands to frayed shirt collars, just in case, then spending like a bandit on some costly bauble that you deem essential to your well being. You charm others into doing what you want. Winning friends and seducing lovers is child's play for sexy rat's. Still, you are not promiscuous, you are the marrying kind, you require a family. Rat's should team up with Dragons, Ox's or Monkeys and should steer well clear of Cat's and Horses. Youth is a good time for Rats, but mid-life can bring your downfall due to errors of judgement in love or business matters. If you seek counsel from the wise, your golden years should prove comfortable. Advice? Stop worrying. Rats never starve. Crafty go-getters like you never do.
  • Positive : Rats can be charming, protective, compassionate, communicative, dynamic, familial, thrifty, skilful, sober upright, attractive, idealistic, prosperous, experimental, calm, sensual, loving, talented, adaptable, open-minded and brilliant entrepreneurs.
  • Negative : Rats can also be possesive, picky, defensive, excessive, addictive, fickle, stingy, bumptious, bossy, exploitive, anxious, argumentative, opinionated, overbearing and self-obsessed.

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