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ROOSTER -1921-1933-1945-1957-1969-1981-1993-2005-
Uncommonly resilient, you were born to bounce back. Even though your whole life is a roller coaster ride, a crazy quilt of successes and setbacks, high times and low, trials, tribulations and other emotionally exhausting or gut-wrenching experiences, you remain an irrepressibly staunch and plucky spirit. No matter the degree of despair, you simply pick yourself up, brush your feathers smooth and strut all over again. You emit enthusiasm rays. Your joy in experiencing new kicks is contagious. People clamor to hang out with you, to go to your places, see your sights, share your thrilling way of life. You will frequently occupy positions of authority. You are naturally bossy and excel at setting a good example. You work very hard. Despite a sometimes cocky attitude and a tendency to be conceited, you cannot be accused of being either pushy or pedantic. You are a multi-talented, open minded yet conservative person. In love, you flip for elegance and class. Try dating a Snake, Dog or Dragon. Advice? You are to frank for your own good. Take pains to be less candid. Your blatancy can do you in. Blow your own horn if you will but try not to blow the whistle on yourself in the bargain. Remember, a Rooster in hot water is nothing more than chicken soup.
  • Positive : The Rooster can be forthright, brave, enthusiastic, loyal, hardworking, tenacious, resilient, adventurous, meticulous, prompt, astute, well-dressed, proficient, down-to-earth, gregarious, communicative, sensible, generous, charming, ebullient and terminally witty.
  • Negative : The Rooster can also be cranky, fussy, vain, self-involved, blindly egotistical, over-zealous, pretentious, materialistic, grabby, high-handed, cynical, mercurial, self-absorbed and quixotic as hell.

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