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Welcomet to feng shui section...Our friend Jami Lin ....Will show you....What is feng shui??????

     Universal Feng Shui: The Roots of our Nature
(excerpted from The Feng Shui Anthology written by the top 40 world-wide experts) 
With so much media attention, you have probably heard of Feng Shui. However, with your predominately English-speaking ears, it is likely that the Chinese concepts are as hard for you to grasp, as they are to pronounce.  
Do you want greater Health, Wealth & Happiness, along with a more beautiful home or functional office? When we align our environments according to the natural laws, we also benefit from their perfection. Our homes and offices either support our full potential, create limiting blocks, or keep us from moving either way.  

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    In your home, ceiling height permitting, hang a crystal chandelier. What happens when light passes through a prism? Allow light and energy to dance throughout the entry. “Welcome home, I love my family, and I feel loved and supported.” Whatever your budget or style preferences, go to a home builder’s warehouse first. There are many different and affordable fixtures available.
Like it or not we are sensitive to our surroundings. Our surroundings make us feel and respond to the world in a certain way. These responses affect our health, our career choices, and our marriages as well as our ability to learn and develop rewarding relationships.

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     Understanding personal mythology through intuition is the foundation of Earth Design. The natural law that blends the mind-body-spirit triad, physically represented by a pyramid, is the key to enjoying life while working to attain our goals. The triad cycle is what gives man his humanness and reason for being. Just like every natural cycle, our happiness triad works in the very same way, as does the water or any other cycle. Simply stated, water falls to earth through precipitation; it is absorbed by the earth, plants, and animals; it evaporates into the air, and continues to cycle because of the earth’s force.

     As long ago as the need for shelter, man has been at the positive or negative effect of his surrounding space. Ancient man was sensitive to his surroundings and his connection to the earth. Having the same natural instincts as our animal brothers, he could feel when a space was magnetically hot which was, and still is, over stimulating to the body and the senses, or when a site was so special that it was honored and shared with all clan/tribe members for ceremony or the hunt. Defined by Chinese mythology, the just right conditions are wrapped in the natural protection of the nurturing arms of the tiger and dragon mountains.  

More about feng shui please click here Jami Lin bring you  feng shui for livng
Interior designer and internationally renown Feng Shui lecturer consultant Jami Lin, has authored many Feng Shui books and has also produced a video. She transformed Feng Shui by integrating interior design & self-development to bring EarthDesign, home to the spirit


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