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Feng Shui & Water Fountains

Feng Shui an ancient art of placement practiced by the Chinese. The principles of the theory have spread to decorating trends in Western countries. It has especially grown a favorable reputation in the United States and prompted many people to seek out consultations by Feng Shui experts to arrange their living and working spaces in an optimal way according to the ancient principles.

The principle guideline of Feng Shui is nature, which emits Ch’i (Qi) or spiritual energy. Feng Shui followers believe that Ch’i flows all around us. Feng Shui literally translates into English as “Wind-Water”, Ch’i being the energy that flows between these two elements. The goal of Feng Shui guidelines are to orient land, living spaces, landscaping, and belongings to be synchronized with the flow of Ch’i through our lives. If done properly, inhabitants can achieve Tao, or Harmony.

For many Western citizens, the ancient art of Feng Shui can seem complicated and confusing. Yet there are many smaller steps people interested in transforming their homes or offices into more harmonic areas. An indoor water fountain is an excellent example.

Indoor wall fountains bring the soothing natural sound of flowing water into homes or offices. Feng Shui improvements will be greatly complemented with an indoor fountain addition to living spaces. The presence of moving water fills the requirements of the Shui, or water component. When placed near a door entrance, a wall fountain can inspire successful business transactions, enhancing the career area. Or perhaps in a room used for study or reading, an indoor fountain would be placed in the knowledge Gua (area) of the room to promote learning.

Additionally, wall fountains have been proven scientifically to be a source of negative ions. Negative ions actually affect us positively! Ever notice how good it feels to breathe crisp mountain air? Or the feelings people get when standing near a fountain or the seashore? That is because these water sources produce tiny particles known as negative ions, which have been proven to have a positive effect on health, mood and energy. All from simply placing a stress-free indoor water fountain and letting it transform the space’s air supply. It truly fulfills the Feng, or wind, portion of the Chinese philosophy.

Indoor wall fountains are the best step for easily transforming a home or office into a Feng Shui paradise.

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