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Interior designer and internationally renown Feng Shui lecturer consultant Jami Lin, has authored many Feng Shui books and has also produced a video. She transformed Feng Shui by integrating interior design & self-development to bring EarthDesign, home to the spirit

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Jami's personal thoughts and experienced observations:
When reading these articles, kindly note that there are many schools of Feng Shui. Between them, there may appear to be discrepancies. I am well-experienced in all Feng Shui traditions (compass, eight mansions, flying stars, Black Sect/three gate, and how to use them in combination to maximize potential) and apply them ALL in practice. Practical application through hundreds of consultations, I  have determined that most traditional techniques are valid when appropriately applied to individualized circumstance. "Text book Feng Shui," whatever school, is only as good as the practitioner's experience and ability to properly apply the theory. I invite those serious students to continue study, experience, and explore the depth of this transformational work.

Universal Feng Shui: The Roots of our Nature
(excerpted from The Feng Shui Anthology written by the top 40 world-wide experts) 

With so much media attention, you have probably heard of Feng Shui. However, with your predominately English-speaking ears, it is likely that the Chinese concepts are as hard for you to grasp, as they are to pronounce.

Do you want greater Health, Wealth & Happiness, along with a more beautiful home or functional office? When we align our environments according to the natural laws, we also benefit from their perfection. Our homes and offices either support our full potential, create limiting blocks, or keep us from moving either way.

As long ago as the need for shelter, man has been at the positive or negative effect of his surrounding space. Ancient man was sensitive to his surroundings and his connection to the earth. Having the same natural instincts as our animal brothers, he could feel when a space was magnetically hot which was, and still is, over stimulating to the body and the senses, or when a site was so special that it was honored and shared with all clan/tribe members for ceremony or the hunt. Defined by Chinese mythology, the just right conditions are wrapped in the natural protection of the nurturing arms of the tiger and dragon mountains.

Using childhood mythology, did the Chinese influence Goldilocks when she chose her chair that was just right or Dorothy’s magical capabilities when she realized, “There is no place like home?” The Chinese could not have had the exclusive on Earth Design.

Observing nature and applying her design secrets for personal benefit is not new. History has proven that when logic and symbolic representations of the natural cycles are included in planning our structures, placing furniture and selecting accessories, abundance and well-being are enhanced. Greek Temples, Egyptian Pyramids, sacred structures throughout Europe, South America, and all over the world were constructed according to universal Earth Design.

In addition to locating structures and sites according to the relationship of man and earth, the ancient Earth Designers constructed buildings to honor their spiritual expression. Throughout design history, mythological reference was typically the reason for construction, as confirmed further by building details. For example, the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to house the spirit of Osiris for all eternity, and the Greek temples were the gods’ earthly homes when they ventured from Mount Olympus. When the gods were appeased, visionaries advised that man would be blessed with good fortune.

It is coincidental that mythology is the intuitive explanation of the workings of nature and the cycles. Joseph Campbell, who spent his life defining universal myth, could suggest that Earth Design is a tool for planning your environments so they support our personal mythology: our own success stories. When we design according to the same laws and our own personal mythology, we too will be blessed with good fortune.

Understanding personal mythology through intuition is the foundation of Earth Design. The natural law that blends the mind-body-spirit triad, physically represented by a pyramid, is the key to enjoying life while working to attain our goals. The triad cycle is what gives man his humanness and reason for being. Just like every natural cycle, our happiness triad works in the very same way, as does the water or any other cycle. Simply stated, water falls to earth through precipitation; it is absorbed by the earth, plants, and animals; it evaporates into the air, and continues to cycle because of the earth’s force.

“The force,” through Hollywood’s science-fiction mythology, has been defined and explored at great length in the “Star Wars” movies. The force or Chi (the Chinese word for energy) is the momentum of life. Scientifically, energy is the attraction of molecular structure. It is glue that holds the cycles of nature together. Like the blood that circulates through and nourishes our bodies, Chi/energy is the life force that circulates through everything including our homes and offices.

As man is part of nature’s wholeness, the same energy that holds the earth cycles together also creates the momentum of our personal mythology momentum. The mind-body-spirit triad is our personal energetic cycle. A focused mind has the power to direct the body to do remarkable tasks, and the body increases strength, further supporting the mind and spirit. The mind grows in confidence, and human kind desires to extend to higher goals. A purposeful empty mind has the ability to receive expanded knowledge in order to grow in spirit. Through spiritual awareness, our mental and physical sensibilities become more finely developed. Intuition is the added dimension that exponentially evolves the personal triad.

While this discussion has everything to do with becoming a more evolved being, what does it have to do with Earth Design? When you are sensitive to your surroundings, you will recognize how space affects you. Then you can intuitively make energetic adjustments based upon your intuitive interpretation of the lessons learned from having observed nature. Thus, Earth Design is a bridge connecting intuition (mind) to the physical environment (body) and ultimately to the spirit. The added dimension takes you to your spiritual roots through its connection to substance and form; an animal designs its den so it can view the opening for advanced warning against predators. If you want the same sense of comfort to support your triad, shouldn’t you also place your furniture to view the door?

Through design history, Earth Design is the physical manifestation of man’s spiritual evolution. Through intuitive observation and spiritual awareness, Plato and Pythagoras validated Earth Design as nature’s universal structure through mathematics and science. The spirit of more recent Earth Designers also applied their intuition to interpreting the laws. Frank Lloyd Wright explored the cantilever by noticing how a tree branch extended off its deeply rooted trunk, and Buckminster Fuller designed the Geodesic Dome according to the magnetic grid lines of the earth.

You don’t have to be a masterful designer to start developing your own intuitive sensitivity. One day I was hiking in the Canadian Rockies. I recognized that Johnson Canyon was constructed by Fire (igneous) and Earth (rock), magnificently chiseled by Water (glacial runoff) and Air (winds). Because I had working knowledge of Feng Shui, I was so excited when I realized that if the natural elements had the power to create such wonder, it is easy to understand how their representations make a significant impact on our lives.

Use nature’s perfection as a model; she is rich and abundant. Even with man’s ecological disrespect, given the proper conditions, more trees will grow. As part of the natural order, you are also perfect and have the opportunity, combined with motivation and hard work, to grow many riches not just limited to economic wealth. Riches refer to the humanness of being, which IS the joy of life: rich in respect, love, health, and generous to give to each other and back to the earth.

Now that you have accepted nature’s perfect gift of greater Health Wealth & Happiness, let’s begin at the entry, the most important area of any home or office. To allow Chi, clients, guests, or family primary access, the entrance needs to be open, unobstructed and inviting. It should be cheerful, attractive and look prosperous. Welcome to your first impression!

Use your intuition, what are some ideas? You cannot simply take a traditional Feng Shui concept such as painting a door red, without intuitive processing. If your house were painted dusty rose or peach, how harmonious or attractive would it be with a red door?

Once you enter, Chi should be allowed to flow through your home or office. When you walk into a “brick wall” obstructing Chi, the entire space is hindered. Opportunity is choked. You can almost feel as if something were caught in your throat, or as if you are beating your head against a brick wall.

As a business owner, your office environment has you defeated before getting started. Why should employees bother when there is no room for advancement because of all the obstacles? Clients meet resistance, and the brick wall blocks them from signing your contract. Hesitantly, clients waver.  They are not convinced you can deliver their expected quality of product or service.

Your home is the sanctuary where you regenerate from the stress of the outside world. A brick wall could cause headaches. You may be professionally stuck by not knowing how to pursue financial opportunities. There may be marital problems, or the children may be difficult to discipline.

Anything that catches your eye will direct Chi. When construction is not architecturally or financially feasible; hanging a mirror is a good solution to help nurturing energy pass through the block. The mirror greets you with your reflection, and who better should you think is beautiful and full of potential?

In the corporate arena, another solution is to install the company logo out of highly polished metal, which is reflective like a mirror. Good Earth Design requires that all energetic solutions be functional and aesthetic at the same time. Your logo commands presence: professionalism and stability. Using your intuition, energetically, why use metal? What does metal represent? The kings ransom! Clients will make money by trusting you.

Notice how Earth Design solutions are logical. Everything in nature is intertwined, so when you are designing a space, consider all the practical requirements. What if your entry is dark? In addition to not being able to see, how does it feel when you walk into a small dark space? Uneasy? Restricted? How can this manifest itself on professional, social or emotional levels?

You already know the answer and the practical solution; add a light fixture. In the office, focus recessed hi-hat fixtures in the ceiling toward the logo. Avoid glare, and allow your company name to shine brightly.” We are proud of who we are. We will work hard to earn your confidence.”

In your home, ceiling height permitting, hang a crystal chandelier. What happens when light passes through a prism? Allow light and energy to dance throughout the entry. “Welcome home, I love my family, and I feel loved and supported.” Whatever your budget or style preferences, go to a home builder’s warehouse first. There are many different and affordable fixtures available.

Using nature as a guide, the traditional Chinese elements: Metal (logo), Water (mirror), Wood, Fire, and Earth are represented by the materials, shape, and color of the finishes and furniture selected. Through historic reference, they all enhance various life situations or conditions. As in nature, when all of the elements are used in balanced proportion, Chi is harmonized, life experience is balanced and coincidently,[1] the decoration is more interesting. A client had a house full of rattan furniture. Knowing the answer, I asked if she had bought everything from the same store. We do not live in furniture showrooms. Look at any photograph in a decorating magazine, and just like nature, there is beauty because of the perfect blend of textures, form, and color.

Leaving ample area to navigate, perhaps there is enough room in the entry for a console under the mirror or the logo. To balance the elements, consider a Wood (growth & creativity) console with a curvilinear Bombay front (Water shape: transmittion of ideas). A stone or ceramic floor is not only elegant and practical to maintain for an entry, but it has the stability of the Earth element. Fire (motivation & intellect) can be added with a wool (animal product/blood) entry rug for warmth.

Now that your decoration is beautiful and energetically balanced, what would you like to enhance? Clients most often would like more money. Without clutter, which leaves no room for new opportunity, how can we accessorize the console? In your office, consider a Metal (wealth) brochure holder (good marketing/promotion) that is kept over full (abundance). Space permitted, a live Chi-generating plant will help you to grow your business by adding fresh life and vitality. The console in your house could be accented by a black (wealth) marble (Earth: stability) pedestal with a metal sculpture. The sculpture should be representative of wealth or the process by which you earn your livelihood. There could be fresh flowers on the console for the previously mentioned reasons.

Now that you have Earth Designed one room, what about the rest of the space? There are practical design applications to generate creativity, concentration, higher profitability, greater marketability, new clients, internal productivity, and employee comradery in the office. You can design your home to support such personal life aspects as finding a potential life-love mate, having your children become less rebellious and more studious, and sometimes, almost miraculously, making positive changes in health or attitude.

While some of the concepts are what many may consider mystical, most have a foundation in common sense and practicality. Whatever your decorating style, the concepts are easy to learn and really do make a difference in all aspects of your life.  

Here are some more suggestions to help you to get started.

Always position your bed, desk, and stove to have a clear view of the door.   

The principal and upper executives’ offices should be located in the command areas of the office, while giving employees and clients accessibility. Everyone will benefit because the entire office will feel as if it is one body, the sum of all the functions harmoniously working toward the main objective.  

Bathroom doors should be kept shut, with toilet seats down, to prevent Chi, opportunity, wealth, and happiness from being flushed.  

Never sleep with a beam over your bed or put a shelf over it or your desk. Your world could fall down on you at any moment.  

Throw out dead flowers or plants.  

Avoid sharp pointed buildings, wall corners, furniture or accessories pointed directly at your house, bed or desk. It is reminiscent of a cutting knife-edge or a disapproving finger.    

To me, the spiritual aspects of Earth Design are the most exciting. Referring to the humanistic qualities of the triad, the more your physical environment provides conscious or subconscious comfort, the more you grow the mind and spirit. For the whole world to experience, the physical manifestation of this concept is represented by the entrance of the Louvre museum that houses the art of humanity masterfully expresses global spiritual evolution.  

The entry, again the most important of any space is a crystal pyramid. Looking at the sacred shape of Pythagorean Mathematics and Plato’s Solids, you are reminded of all the pyramids throughout time. How is this sacred pyramid any different from the Egyptian, Mayan, or church/mosque steeple that is the physical representation of man’s quest for ascension? Mr. Pei used today’s technology and building materials to design a pyramid of light. What does that mean to you?  

Standing under the street level in the belly of the pyramid, you can look up through the glass at three different building elevations. The spirit of today’s architectural contribution connects each building that was an addition to the growth of the Louvre. Constructed over the centuries, each has a unique facade designed according to the architectural style of the time. In the womb, you look up at design history. Though the light, you experience evolution through Earth Design.  

I experienced more magic. While spiritually moved beyond words in the womb, all of a sudden the stainless steel cylinder started to move. It became a spiral. The universal mathematical proportion of pi ascended three to four stories to the street level above. While fully extended, I saw the double helix of DNA in the wonder of the handicap elevator. Evolution.  

One more? Like traditional pyramids, there are underground passages that connect the buildings. One passage has a series of shops that terminates at the subway. At the entry on the floor there is a marble pyramid about four feet square at the base. Right above its apex is an inverted glass pyramid at the same proportion: apex-to-apex. Above the double pyramid, as part of the building structure, is one of the three pyramid-shaped skylights that surround the larger main entry pyramid. (Aren’t there also three smaller pyramids at Giza?)   

As soon as I saw it, I was greeted with Hermetic age-old wisdom: As above, so below. Through the funnel of the glass pyramid, we are being given light to fill our solid and stable earth plane for universal balance. When the pyramids merge together as if generated by a computer, a three-dimensional Star of David is created, connecting heaven and earth.  

Understandably, some may feel negative energy from the top glass element because when a pyramid is inverted, this most stable of architectural forms defies the law of gravity. However, light and spirit have no weight. Do the natural laws of earth still apply? Perhaps people who are uncomfortable with the sculpture have mind, body or spiritual blocks that prevent them from receiving. Using your intuition, play with the controversy. How does the energy feel to you?  

From Stone Age to New Age, Earth Design is about vision. As you begin to reap the rewards of nature’s balance supported by your environments and hard work, you lighten up. You are gentler with yourself and the people around you. You become more at ease with life. With your new sensitivity, perceptions increase enabling you to make better decisions, and people enter your life with a willingness to support your goals, knowing too that in turn you help them reach theirs. You work smarter, not harder, leaving more time for the other joys of life.  

Now, isn’t Earth Design easier to grasp and pronounce?  

When life is full, all riches come with greater grace. When you are rich in your complete humanness, you set an example by inspiring others to live to their full and balanced potential. As an old Chinese proverb says, “When there is order in the house, there is order in the nation, when there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.”

Monthly Tips
Most recent first

November 2000
When making good Feng Shui decisions base them on need, logical architecture and function, as well as making best use of the earth directional energies. Depending on which direction of the house that you guest room is located consider setting up the space:

N: as a small work area to support your Career
NE: for study to expand your knowledge or meditation/yoga room
E: where the family hangs and has family meetings
SE: to work/study on your investments and make/develop financial strategies
S: for what you'd like to be recognized for (one client had all his Corvette trophies in his Southern guest room!)
SW: to have a special romantic feel
W: as your craft room for special creative projects
NW: as an area to have a class or have mutually-beneficial, "support each other" groups

Bottom line: you get a functional space, the room is full of life, and your good chi will also support your loved ones that are coming to visit!

October 2000
Now that the kids are back in school and you are back in the flow, remember that the wild ride of the holidays are approaching. Since it is a reasonably quite time of year, it is a great time to priorities a major de-clutter. When you think about the cycles of nature, the leaves are falling to make way for the new growth coming in the spring. Get rid of what know longer serves you to welcome all the new opportunities coming in several months.

September 2000
With all the kids going back to school, maximize your children's potential by preparing their room with good Feng Shui. Is their bed and study chair facing their best directions? Donate all their stuff that has accumulated as clutter and they have grown out to make room for new energy.

Remember to tidy up the West corner of your home to support them as well as helping YOUR creativity and spontaneity!

Check out your personal monthly horoscope too (based upon your birth energies)!

General Decorating and Design Tips  

Jami Lin is an interior designer with over 25 years experience
PLEASE do not do ugly Feng Shui
read "Conventional Interior Design" Chapter in Jami's  Feng Shui Today   

When I go into people’s homes I see the same design and decorating mistakes over and over again. One that specifically comes to mind had three of the biggest no no's. Every room was too jammed full of furniture, most of which was way too big (#1) that it forced you to squeeze through just to navigate. It looked like a furniture catalog (#2). And (3#) none of the furniture coordinated with the color of the walls, even though it would have been so easy!

 So, let's do it right the first time with these easy tips:

 (#1)Plan ahead to scale furniture properly and you don’t purchase too many items. Get yourself an accurate floor plan so that the size of the furniture is appropriate to the size of the room! It is better to be too small than too big. Either take your time to measure and draw a plan accurately, call the architect or builder, or call a deign/architecture student at the local college. (Be careful: the plans that developers use to sell their homes or condos are not always accurate.) Then before you make the purchase, with the exact dimensions of each piece of furniture, you can draw it on your floor plan along with all your existing and projected new pieces to make sure that everything fits. With a little practice, even without your floor plan, you can learn to measure the actual floor space, according to the dimensions of the furniture, to confirm it is the right scale as well. Remember, to allow for a minimum of 36 inches for walkways and for doors to open fully without banging into furniture.

 (#2) Mix & Match: Be creative! When you make furniture design magazine. Mix furnishings and materials within your design taste. If you select a wood end table, select a metal coffee table with glass (to show of your beautiful area rug), or even stone. Be creative with the different metal finishes too: brushed brass, stainless steel, green or rusty-textured patina. If club chairs are leather, consider a yummy-nubby textured sofa with patterned throw pillows.

 (#3) Select/Buy the big, and usually the more expensive pieces before you spend all that effort and time painting the walls. There are hundreds of thousands of paint colors, which are much easier and available to select and coordinate with than the not as many furniture, carpet, or area rug options. Even if you can't find the perfect paint color, most paint retailers can do a computerized match of your color swatch to formulate your special coordinated color

Outdoor Feng Shui

It does not matter how big your property is or how much money you choose to invest. All you need to practice Feng Shui is intuition combined with creativity and ingenuity. Remember your exterior is an aesthetic extension of your living space and the entire lot should be a balanced entity with all the features making a cohesive usable whole. Pay close attention to the proportion and scale of your features. View your site as a 3D canvas. Create your painting with considerations to the volumes, voids, textures, colors, elevation changes, height relationships, materials and movement. Are they all in balance? Can you visualize the movement of energy in an invisible flow diagram?

A good rule for balance is the asymmetric triangle rule. Locate two major features and fill the missing triangular point with the proper highlight. If you have a gazebo make sure it connects to the house with a walkway or hedges. If you have a water feature (pool or fountain) in the yard, have the illusion or feeling of water flowing toward the house. A birdbath or  self-circulating fountain can bring the water element to your yard inexpensively. To illuminate areas of the property for security at night, use a light with a solar panel and sensor.

When you buy plants, ask yourself these questions:

How big or wide do they get, and how long before they reach their mature size?

Do they need full or moderate sun?

How much maintenance is required?

Does the plant go through yearly cycles, changing its aesthetic appearance?

Do the plants drink a lot of water?

Will the color and texture of the new plants be aesthetically balanced with the existing ones?

Think about the different kinds of energies that are coming into your home through the doors and windows. In your mind's eye, draw flow diagrams indicating Chi movement. Visualize your floor plan sketch in 3D. Are the energies positive?

Ask yourself how the energy feels in your body. Your body knows when you are vulnerable or safe, or if it feels at ease or uncomfortable. Learn to feel the effects and the cause. What kind of energies are there? Are they moving with the light, air, flow of water? Is the Chi moving in harmonious perfection by filling the space and gently flowing out?

Bagua Areas, The Chakras, and Essential Oils

For more information on the Chakra/Bagua relationships, their associated Essential Oils
and how to apply them together read Jami's book: The Essence of Feng Shui

Three Systems, One Answer

The Bagua is a pattern of understanding how chi manifests and moves through our homes. The chakra system shows how it moves and manifests in our bodies, and the tree of life reveals chi's workings in the cosmos. Each of these systems contains the essence of how to cultivate chi flow in our lives and homes. All three use sacred geometric layouts to help reveal the mysteries of being human. When we combine these transcendental patterns, we see that they are similar in the path they take us on.

If you overlay the three diagrams, you see that the middle pillar or trunk of the tree aligns with the center of the Bagua as well as with the chakras. The career Gua coincides with the foundation of the tree and the root chakra, your grounding mechanism. All three refer to the same concept, that you have to have a solid base on which to build. The center of the Bagua, the center of the home is called the tai chi. With its central support system of family/health on one side and children/creativity on the other, this corresponds to beauty at the heart center of the tree. And this
is aligned with the heart chakra. Isn't that how it operates in your home as well? When health and love radiate out from here, it nourishes the rest of your life. Each of these three heart centers speak of the transformative power of love.

Your material existence is necessary for you to survive and learn all you need to as a human. But if you do not progress through the experience of love and transform the more material aspects of yourself into more
spiritual ones, you will never be able to attune to your higher self. These are the energy centers of transformation.

As the plug into universal energy, you have seen that the crown sephiroth and crown chakra perform similar functions. This is the center through which you are able to connect to your own divine essence. In the Bagua, the
fame Gua is the center through which you reach the highest expression of who you are. Following your divine bliss, you will be easily recognized in sharing your higher expressive self.

When you discover all these energy or power centers that make up you, your space, and your cosmos, you can use them to become a creator to receive the kind of life you were meant to live.


As we start the new year, give some thought to two areas of the energy map that are frequently related: career and wealth. Career is represented by the wall of the main door of entry to your home or office. It is symbolized by the colors black and blue and the element water. 

Essential oils for this area: black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, and vetiver. You spend about half your waking hours doing it, so consider these questions. Does it jibe with your goals for the kind of life you would like to live? 

Do you spend your work and free time engaged in similar pursuits? Does your career truly reflect the kind of person you are on the inside? Do you really like your work and truly enjoy going to work? Does your work bring joy to you, your family, those who are in your industry, and those who use your products, services or talents? Is your workplace environmentally friendly? We know that the root chakra corresponds with the career gua. Both speak of your life path and being rooted in Mother Earth. 

If you are not stable in your finances and your sense of self in the world as the root chakra teaches, how can you know what your life path is? Your life path may mean finding a job you love instead of just one that pays well. The wealth area is in the far left hand corner when you enter your home or office. It is symbolized by purple and the element wood. Essential oils: bergamot, atlas cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, and ginger. 

Wealth is a lot more than material riches. Wealth is also about wealth of spirit, friendship, and relationships. It is about giving and receiving in equal proportions. Consider these questions. Do you have enough money so that you are financially fit? Are you generous with your wealth - whether that is time, money, love or talents? Do you give as much as you receive? Do you judge people by how much money they have or by the good works that they do? Are you quick to share? These are all the domain of the third chakra, the seat of will. 

With the power of will, you can draw to you all the abundance the earth has to offer. For a better job or a better relationship you need will. By using your will to accomplish these things, you can gain abundance in wealth and love.


Bagua is a pattern of understanding how chi manifests and moves throughout homes. The chakra system shows how it moves and manifests in our bodies, and the kabalistic tree of life reveals chi's workings in the cosmos. Each of these three energy systems contains the essence of how to cultivate chi flow in our lives and homes. All use sacred geometry to help reveal the mysteries of being human.

Partnership has become a focal point in our society. Pop psychology books abound with advice on how to find the perfect mate, but marriage and relationships are much more than that. First we need to have a good relationship with ourselves (linked to the self cultivation area) before we can look to share it with others. Equally important is how to nurture a relationship through the down cycles or hard times as well as the up cycles.

Before you try to find a partner or fix the one you have, ask if you have done the groundwork on yourself first. Do you put your partner before yourself? Do you expect more from your partner than you are willing to give? Are there equal parts romance, fun, talking, listening, loving and alone time in your relationship? Are you in a relationship or do you find yourself in a continual string of relationships that does not let you fully express who you are? Are you in a solid, loving relationship? This, too, must be watered and fertilized in order to keep it growing.

The correspondence between this area of the Bagua and the sex chakra looks straightforward, but life is never so simple, is it? Relationships are much more complex than just sex. They include business partnerships, family relationships, and friendships. Each of these relationships must also find its power in the second chakra. Every relationship must also move up to be transformed by the heart chakra and, if possible, all be brought up into the realm of oneness through the crown chakra.

The marriage/relationship area of your Bagua (energy map) is located in the far right hand corner when you enter a room, or the far right hand corner of your house.

Suggestions for energizing your sex chakra/relationship area.

If your partner is volatile, earth is the right element: a rock or something ceramic. Wood nurtures relationships. Water adds clarity and emotional sensitivity. Metal represents full partnership and abundant love. Fire adds passion. Oils: geranium, grapefruit, orange, pine, sandalwood, ylang ylang.

Throat/Helpful People

This area of Feng Shui tends to be the least understood and probably the most neglected. This area on your energy map is located in your nearest right hand corner when you come in the front door of your home, office or room. Who are the helpful people in your life? Consider anybody who enriches your life and makes it run more smoothly: your doctor, mentor, babysitter, teacher, and mechanic. The list is endless, and each person is indispensable. We need each other!

Are you aware of the circle of helpful people that you have around you? Do you have problems with doctors canceling appointments, babysitters not showing up, promised deliveries arriving late and the like? Do you offer your time and talents to help others out? To be a mentor, to carpool, to take your grandmother to the doctor? If your dream is to travel, have you been able to go to the places that you have always dreamed of visiting?

For this area, use the color gray, the element of metal, the trigram for heaven, the throat chakra, the essential oils of lavender, lemon, peppermint, pine and thyme.

Example from a client: As I entered Judith's home, my throat constricted and I started to cough. The house was full of clutter and was must-dusty awful. They had so much disorganized stuff that I couldn't even get into some of the rooms. A cluttered home means a cluttered life. How can you even begin to work on yourself if you can't move past the old and outdated, literally and figuratively? Clutter is one of the biggest Feng Shui no-nos. It means you are hanging on to things that you don't really need any more. If there is a pile somewhere, chances are 100 to 1 that you do not even know what is at the bottom. If it is not serving you, get rid of it. My two favorite Feng Shui words for clutter: no mercy!

John was receiving chemotherapy for cancer, and had refused to deal with the aspect of emotional healing. Does it surprise you the room where he shook off the poison from his chemotherapy was in the Helpful People area? Or that he wasn't letting anyone help him with the real issue? While sitting in his favorite chair, which faced an industrial sized hospital clock, John made his choice as he watched his time tick away.

Third Eye/Self-Cultivation

The area of the Bagua (energy map) of your home or office related to knowledge or self cultivation is the left hand corner closest to you when you enter a room, or the left hand room closest to the front door of your residence. Color: blue green. Element: earth. Oils: basil, eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, peppermint, rosemary. Trigram: mountain.

This is the Gua that speaks to you of who you are on the inside. It is becoming mandatory that we start living as we are meant to. We need to follow our bliss. This area deals with your personal spiritual path as well as any studies or educational work. Do you have a personal spiritual component to your life? Is there something you have always wanted to study or learn, but never gotten around to it? Do you have a room in your home that is dedicated to your spiritual side? A small altar?

Feng Shui is a catalyst for healing because it calls people on their stuff. It is a mirror that makes you take a deeper look into the issues in your life. It reveals subconscious information that can help you make changes. Where you have subconsciously placed an accessory and what that symbolizes may be an indication of something you need to look at concerning your personal issues.

Example. When Lisette called me, her fiancée had just moved out, the latest in a string of severed relationships. At 41, what she wanted most was to be married and have a child. Intuitively, she had gone out and purchased kissing couple sculpture. While dusting, it fell and the man's head broke off. She became fearful and promptly glued the head back on. You might think this relates to the marriage Gua. Not entirely.

It's about self-cultivation. The accessory was telling her that she wasn’t really ready to find a new relationship because it would just break again. She had never stopped to question what she might have been doing to sabotage her relationships. It was clear to me because there was a separation in the sculpture that the timing was not right. Some other solution was necessary first. The universe and her subconscious were suggesting that she need to know herself and stand in her own power first. By doing this, she would know what would make her happy in a relationship, instead of settling for something out of desperation.


The fame/recognition area of your home or office is about being recognized for who you are and what you do. There is no one else in the world who was born into the same time and conditions as you were, so you are in a unique position to give the world something that no one else can. When you tap into this essence, you are able to blossom in a unique way. How do you want to be seen in the world? Are you wise, funny, intelligent, warm, serious? Fame is truly about expressing who you are.

The fame/recognition area is the wall directly opposite your front door. The color red, the element of fire, sun, heat, and birds, represents it. Oils for fame and the crown chakra: clary sage, frankincense, jasmine, Roman chamomile, sandalwood.

Do you cultivate your special talents, or are you still hiding them under a bushel? Are you afraid to speak about yourself in front of a crowd? Do you take credit where credit is due? Is the image you project to the world the person you feel you are on the inside? Are you able to stand up for yourself?

Your unique place in the world - being seen for who you really is about connecting to your higher self, your true self. Which chakra plugs you into this divine source? The crown chakra is your electrical outlet to the cosmos. It allows you to tap into your essence and then show it to the world.

Case study. Fran, a gifted psychic and healer with a very open crown chakra, asked me to Feng Shui her home. She wanted to make shifts for more professional recognition. When I walked in, the living room had a distorted mirror on the fame wall. When clients came in, they had to pass through the living room and were greeted with a distorted vision of themselves. In the fame area of her home, where she did all her readings, all the chi of recognition was going right out through the sliding glass doors and out into the pool. While clients received true and clear information from her, it may have been distorted by the client's own misinterpretation, having experienced the distortion of the mirror. Once in the reading room, facing the pool, memories of the experience may have been diluted. All these negatives greeted both Fran and her clients.

Look around your home. What is there that may be influencing you?                                              Back Top

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