Moon Festival

Mooncakes have played a central role in Moon Festival traditions. Once, according to Chinese legend, mooncakes helped bring about a revolution.  The time was the Yuan dynasty (AD 1280-1368), established by the invading Mongolians from the north. The Mongolians subjugated the Han Chinese


On the fifteenth day of the eighth moon of the lunar calendar, traditional Chinese families and their friends gather together and watch the moon and celebrate this holiday. It is said that on this day in September the moon is fullest and most brilliant. Chinese all around the world consume millions of Moon Cakes during this time.

 What are Moon Cakes? The varieties are numerous. One can easily find at least a dozen different types. In substance, the traditional Moon Cake is a baked pastry filled with lotus seed paste and a salted egg yolk in the center. Modern inspirations and the cost of lotus seed paste have lead to the creation of many different types of fillings. Winter melon paste, red bean paste, mung bean paste, mixed nuts, dried fruits, and even ham are used to add variety to Moon Cakes. The cakes are about 3 inches squared. The price for each cake runs from $2.50 to about $8.00. Most Chinese, Vietnamese, and other Asia markets or bakeries have them.The stores below are
 the best moon cakes in Philadelphia Chinatown.
Today, far from the exotic and heroic legends, Chinese communities all over the world make and consume mooncakes during the traditional autumn Moon Festival. In Phillychinatown’s Chinatown, during the eighth annual Moon Festival, K.C. S'Pastries,Inc. and Asia Super Market  will be selling modern-day mooncakes, the continuation of an honored tradition. The four Stores below are selling moon Cakes
 K.C.S' Pastries,Inc. K.C.S' Pastries,Inc. Asia Super Market Asia Super Market
On 10th Steet
109 N.10th Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Tel: 215-238-8808
On 11th Street
145 North 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tel: 215-351-1177
143 N.11th Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Tel: 215-928-9888
1601 Washington Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa 19147

Tel: 215-735-9365



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