Travel in China

"Welcome to Beautiful Xishuangbanna" say the signs.

The 24 hour bus ride to get here made you feel a little queasy, and that nausea might be exacerbated by the antimalarial medication the World Health Organization recommends for travelers down here. Xishuangbanna contains most of the remaining Chinese rain forests. The roads are dominated by logging trucks and army vehicles. This area has seen some border disputes between China and Myanmar (Burma), and the borders remain a bit vague.


A local Aini (a cultural minority) woman at market.



Rush hour.

At a small cafe, you meet a charismatic Chinese man who tells you of an easy route to enter Burma. He draws a small map, and from his description in broken English you think it could be interesting. Want to visit Burma?

If you have no interest in Burma, continue east by bus to a portion of Xishuangbanna on the border with Laos .


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