For years, Ting Wong Restaurants have always been at the root of Hong 
Kong cooking styles cuisine, and in this part of the region, the reputation behind our name is an evolving tradition that represents the ultimate in Oriental fine dining.

A visit to any of our extensive chain of restaurants is to enjoy the famous noodle soup and the well known roast duck of the highest quality. The owner and staffs of Ting Wong are dedicated to serve you with good services and 
excellent food. You can always count on our restaurants for great food amidst warm hospitality.

Our rapid growth has also seen us venture beyond our customary business by introducing exciting specialty Noodle Soup and Roast Duck concepts in fine dining popular Restaurants. Thus, as our master chefs embrace inventive styles and preparations, we will continue to endorse Roast Duck and Noodle Soup philosophies for an endearing taste that belongs solely to one distinctive Ting Wong Restaurant.