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Nothing will really prepare you for your first visit to China. However, do some homework, reading material abounds, as do a number of excellent films. Very little is taught in US schools about China and what is taught is not always how the Chinese see it! It may be controversial, but read up on the Opium Wars, Hong Kong, the war with Japan and the Taiwan question .

The bare minimum is the characters for male and female, as in many places there are no means of identifying which toilet is for which gender! But Mandarin is not difficult for English speakers to get their tongues around. The Chinese will be delighted with any effort you make to speak even a couple of words.


China is a nation in transition. For decades it was isolated from the outside world, indeed, it is hard to imagine that 15 years ago travel to China by western was still a very rare thing. The Chinese will not always do things the way you are accustomed to. Overcrowding has certainly given rise to customs which western find hard to accept: communal toilets being one of them!


There are some things that you can only do in China, so don't be afraid to give them a go ahead - whether it's eating some exotic dish in Guangzhou, or walking that extra half mile to get away from the crowds on the Great Wall. Be just a little different from the masses, and you will see a China that so many travellers rub shoulders with, but never get to see.


Patience is not a virtue in China, it's a basic survival tool! Queues can be devastatingly long, and the concept of prompt service, it is only fair to say, has not reached everyone who works in the service industries!

China Tody:
China is changing rapidly, and if you have your heart set on a certain place or people, monument or temple, do it. You may never return to China, and even if you do, there's no guarantee that things will be the same

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